Reusable Multicolor Ziploc Bags Review – Ideal for Packaging

Reusable Multicolor Ziploc Bags Review - Ideal for Packaging
Packaging is one of the most important parts and parcel of our daily life. For kitchen to bedroom we need packaging bag for store food and materials. To solve the issue innovators have come up with the idea of multi-purpose Ziploc bags. These bags can be used for storing food, store makeup items or utensils. These bags are very easy to handle and have a zipping system which helps your items from disappearance.

These bags are made in such materials so that the bags will last long in any condition or even if in the refrigerator. Here is the specifications of the zip bags we are talking about.

Zip Bags Specification:

  • Available in 4 Color: Big Green and White; Small Red and Blue
  • Packing amount: 4 pcs /box
  •  Zip Bags Dimension: 2 Big (28x21cm, 1,5L) + 2 Small (20,5x18cm, 1L)
  •  Made by environmentally friendly materials like: food grade silicone, non-toxic and tasteless

Features of Reusable Multicolor Ziploc Bags

These zip bags are easy to wash by dishwasher. These bags are also soft and foldable. As a result you can store these bags anywhere you want. At the travelling (office tour, picnic, hiking, camping) you can take multiple of these bags for your purpose serve. You can store liquid in these bags due to its leak proof quality.

These bags are BPA and BPS free as these bags are made by approved food grade silicone by the FDA and SGS. As a result these bags are 100% safe, totally non-toxic, non-allergenic and tasteless. These bags are hard to open by small child under 5 and pets of your home.

These zip bags can be used at any temperature between 250Celcius~ -50Celcius. The products will be safe from any kind of temperature hazard between these temperature ranges. You can use these bags at any environment. These bags are totally microwave, steamer, refrigerator, freezer proof.

As these bags are lasting long this helps to reduce the plastic hazards on daily basis. This helps our environment from new plastic hazard. This item can be a long term solution for us of plastic bags.


  • Superior elegant and easy to use
  • Highly durable and long lasting product
  • Useable at any environment and place
  • Metal and utensils will be rustproof inside the bags.


  • A bit expensive than the regular plastic bags
  • Small number of design verities
  • Not available in all the stores
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